The ocean is a place that is full of surprisingly mysterious creatures and we need to do researches to find more about them. The Schmidt Ocean Institute that was found in 2009 gives its research vessel Falkor to international scientists for free. While they were on a research voyage of over a month around the Phoenix Island Archipelago they had come across a glass octopus.

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The elusive glass octopus. (Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

The voyage which had been for over a month is a combined mission of the Institute, WHOI, and BU. they had conducted this research with the use of a robot that could be used underwater and high-resolution seafloor mapping. The robot is called SuBastian for love. During the exploration, they had come across many Seamounts. There are seamounts that are as big as the mountains on earth. They had met this creature twice during the exploration and they had thought to study about it live than studying about it after it was eaten by another animal. These animals live in the deep waters, about 3000ft down in the deep and therefore normal swimmers cannot encounter these animals.


Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute

Though they are a bit mysterious to the scientists these animals are not considered endangered presently. In tropical and sub-tropical waters they had been seen. These octopuses can camouflage when needed with the use of above seen yellow dots, chromatophores cells. They are small animals, the length about 4.3 inches, and with their tentacles, 17.7 inches. They had also met a 40 ft long whale shark during their exploration. There are many other encounters during their voyage. The collected information and footage would be sufficient to inform ocean conservation. For more about exploration visit their Instagram.



h/t: [IFL ScienceColossal]

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