Love is indeed something that has the ability to cure wounds in the heart. With just a bit of love, you can change the whole life of someone. Not just we humans even the animals feel love at many times it helps them to get cured.

Stanley is such a little pup who had lived a bad life at the beginning. But when he had found his new dad his whole life had changed due to the love he received from the daddy. This love had turned this shy and scared little doggy into an affectionate puppy who is able to trust. Scroll to know more about Stanley.

More info & Photo courtesy: Newsmedia


Stanley and Clarence
image credits: Newsmedia

Stanley had been adopted by Sam Clarence, Stanley’s new dad from a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, Newzealand. This little puppy of 6 months had been living with his mommy and a sibling in a property that was abandoned. Clarence had been asked by a shelter where he is a dog walker to foster the pup for some time.


image credits: Newsmedia

After being fostered they had got along well and Stanley had become Clarence’s forever companion. At first, it had taken some time for Stanley to get used to the new environment but with time he had become better. Now he trusts Clarence a lot and is always nearby him.


Stanley always makes sure to at least keep one of his paws on Clarence. He is always with his dad and if he goes somewhere even Stanley goes with him. Stanley loves his dad a lot and is not scared to show it. 

Thanks to Clarence this lovely dog had become confident and is not scared anymore. He has got a second chance in life. So what do you think about this adorable bond of them? Leave a comment on what you think.

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