Buddy is a dog with a heart of gold (just like all the other doggos out there) was taken to a shelter after living a rough life on the streets. The police was the ones who got him to a shelter after rescuing him from some people who were cruelly beating him with a stick. Sadly, this happens to a lot in the streets of Spain, where many street dogs face abuse and neglect.

When Buddy arrived at the shelter, he was in pretty bad shape. He had ticks, scabies, and a nasty ear infection. He was sad and confused, but underneath all that, there was a gentle dog just waiting to feel safe and loved. This article is about how Buddy made it to the other end, to have his own loving family. Scroll down to read the rest of this wholesome story.

See More and Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails.co.uk | Facebook


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails

With Buddy settling into the shelter, his true personality started shining bright. He turned out to be super calm and affectionate, loving every bit of attention he got from the shelter staff. Putting all the bad things he’d been through aside, Buddy still adores humans. He got flea treatments, antibiotics, and special care for his ears.


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the shelter, Buddy got healthier and was ready for a forever home. His transformation was amazing—he went from a neglected street dog to a cherished family pet. A loving family in another country welcomed Buddy with open arms, giving him the cozy retirement he truly deserved.



Adopting a dog from Spain is easier than you might think. The shelter takes care of everything, from the application process to arranging transport. They even provide ongoing support after adoption. After a virtual home check, Buddy was lucky enough to snag a spot on the next transport to the UK, arriving just seven days after his adoption was confirmed.


Photo Courtesy:  spanishhappytails


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails

Buddy’s story is a beautiful example of how love and care can change an animal’s life. From struggling to survive on the streets to becoming a beloved family member, Buddy’s journey is a reminder of the incredible difference we can make. If you’re thinking about adopting, remember there’s a Buddy out there waiting for a chance to be loved and to bring joy into your home.


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails


Photo Courtesy: spanishhappytails

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