In the wild one of the busiest animals that you can see is the Beaver. They are very hardworking and industrious that there are even idioms like “busy as a beaver”. You might have come across dams that they have made in the waters in the wild. But have you ever seen dams built by beavers inside a house?

Well, there’s one such adorable baby beaver who builds dams using things he can find inside the house. A woman had found this little fellow Beave by a roadside in May 2020. Now he lives with Nancy and is happy and healthy. Beave being a beaver build dams but the specialty is that he uses Nancy’s households to build them. Scroll to know more about Beave.

More info & Photo courtesy: Raising the Wild / Beaver Baby Furry LoveTikTok | YouTube


image credits: raising the wild

Nancy is a wildlife rehabilitation specialist and has a license. Therefore there’s no worry about beave being with her. She is willing to look after him until he’s able to learn how to be in the wild as a usual beaver. Usually, beavers take about 2 years to learn the skills needed and they learn them from their parents. But as Beave had no parents around Nancy makes sure that he learns well and for her, it might take 2-3 years to teach him.


image credits: raising the wild

Nancy had shared with My Modern Met that she will be teaching him the skills that he would need to survive when he is out into the wild. You can see that even though he lives with Nancy indoors he isn’t familiar with beaver stuff. He builds dams just like the beavers in the wild but he uses stuff like mats and pillows instead of sticks. Nancy had also shared that when she cleans them Beave rebuilds them. He also spends time in the pond outside and builds dams there with sticks. Nancy and Beave love each other a lot.


@beaverbabyfurryloveCame in for a mid day snack before a long nap. #animalsdoingthings #animalsoftiktok♬ original sound – Beave

Not just Nancy but many on the internet is also fond of him, he has over 700K followers on TikTok. With time he would be ready to live in the wild. And as for Nancy, she wills to let him go when he gets aggressive. Getting aggressive is normal for beavers and it happens when it’s time to mate. Therefore she would let him go and find someone to mate with. Anyhow thanks to Nancy this little guy is learning how to liven when he would be out in the wild. Below are some more videos of Beave make sure to watch them and leave a comment sharing what you think. Also, check out for more on YouTube and TikTok.


@beaverbabyfurryloveAnatomy of Dam Building 101. Start by moving any object you can find to the door. #DoItBold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings♬ original sound – Beave


@beaverbabyfurryloveDam Building #2 #doitbold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings #HorrorTok #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – Beave


@beaverbabyfurryloveBeaves not damming in his pond yet. He’s to young. He does this in the house because it’s his safe place. Not yet with sticks either. #fyp♬ original sound – Beave


@beaverbabyfurryloveBeave is still just using household items to dam. No luck yet with real wood or sticks. Or blocks in this case. #fyp #ShowUpShowOff #yougotthis♬ original sound Beave


@beaverbabyfurryloveMore Dam Cam video of his stair/front door dam. #MotivationMonday #fyp #myhobby #wildlife #familyimpression♬ original sound – Beave


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