Many animals die due to road accidents that happen at night, as it’s very hard to see animals when traveling at night. According to an estimation Finland had said that each year more than 4,000 reindeers die due to road accidents and that the damage caused is also very high, about $18M. This had inspired many like the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association to come up with solutions to reduce the deaths of animals and costs. One of the ideas is to spray paint that reflects on the animals so that they would be visible when light hits.

They had applied paint on different parts of the animal in 2014 and had hope that this would reduce the deaths. And even that it will help the driver to slow down and the animal would be able to go away without getting hit by vehicles. The chairwoman of the Reindeer Herders Association Anne Ollila had explained that still they are testing the spray on fur, but applying them on antlers would be good as they can be seen from any direction.


Photo: Anne Ollila

The Herders Association had found the effect of it is less but still, they are trying their best. the association had said that the antlers had interest broadly around the world and was the best campaign so far. And had said that though there are few problems with the durability and utility the development of the product still going on.

This just one way of humans trying to save the wild animals. There are wildlife crosses build in some areas around the world that would help the animals to get to their living areas through busy roads.

#2 The Antlers of Reindeers are being painted with reflective paint to protect them

Photo: Reindeer Herder’s Association


Photo: Reindeer Herder’s Association

h/t: [Smithsonian MagazineAtlas Obscura]

Share with us your thoughts about this idea. Is this a good way to protect wild animals?

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