Though it was not kind of usual for an actress to start off with a lead role, Reese Witherspoon came through her first role Dani trant in the movie The Man in the Moon in 1991. She was given the lead role as if the producers knew she was meant to a bright shining start. And after there, her career grew really well. But the role which changed her life had been the role she played in the 2014’s Wild movie.




The movie which is based on a book and is about a woman trying to distance her life from her past and be happy was both starred and produced by Reese. She had played the character Cheryl Strayed, a woman whose marriage was ended and who had lost her mom. And the lady tries to find some peace in her life by distancing herself from the past. And chooses to hike the Pacific Crest Trail out of anger. The film had been very famous and had even inspired ladies in the world.




In an  Interview with Tracee Ellis Ross, she had asked the question of which role changed her the most. And for that without hesitation, Reeses had said it was the role in the movie Wild. she had said that she was so scared and had hypnosis. She had said that she even had panic attacks three weeks before she started. She had said that there was nudity, sexuality, and drug use aspect but also being alone on camera with no other actors. Had said that she hadn’t been alone in scenes for days and that there had been about 25 days that she shot alone with no other actor alongside her. 




And also had said that it was just the camera, her and a backpack and she had been like is this gonna be so boring?  As the book was loved and respected it must have been challenging for her to cope with. She had also said that the book was so beautiful and it had even connected with it as it spoke to her so deeply about how women have to save themselves. And had added that she thinks it’s radical that at the end of the film she has no money, power, family, and a partner but still is happy. Also had said that she wouldn’t know if she would ever work so hard again, but it had changed her on a cellular level.




There had been another role that meant a lot for her, June Carter in the Walk The Line movie. In order to pay tribute to the movie on its 15th anniversary in 2020, she had posted a photo of her along with her costar Joaquin Phoenix on her Instagram. And had left a lovely note on the caption where she had said that it was one of the most rewarding experiences in her life. Be it any role she gets she does it perfectly. No wonder she’s such a wonderful actress.

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