At times we tend to think if the person we date is really a good match for us. To make things clear we mostly talk with our friends and get advice. We tend to look through the internet for something which is relatable and that could have answers. While doing the search, we tend to give focus to things that are problematic ‘Red Flags’. 

So this Kayla Nichole, a TikToker thinks that they could mislead us. And she had put some videos on her TikTok explaining how the behaviors that are stated as red flags can actually be green flags. Though the situations are different it would help you to think about things in a different manner.

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According to a study done in 2018, it is said that 7/10 Americans make a first impression about someone even before they talk and it only takes about 27s. But Hayley Quinn, a dating coach thinks that it often pays to be slow to judge the person that we see. She had told the Bored Panda that the person who could be the best match may also surprise us positively. That we should be open-minded about what our type is. Also, should forgive for small mistakes or things that go wrong.

She had said that if someone’s a bit late on the first date it doesn’t mean that they are not respecting you. And also that you have to keep realistic expectations and not set standards that even you, yourself cannot maintain. She had explained that if one has a past in which you’ve been hurt. It would be easy to start living with a 6th sense of danger. And had said a leap of faith is required in relationships.

#5 As her videos went viral she had uploaded more videos on it.

It is believed by Slavoj Žižek, a Philosopher that it’s a violent experience when people fall in love. He points the fact that when someone falls in love with a person their whole life depends on that particular person. And the feeling that they would mess your life frightens you. Also, he had said in one of his talks, that he remembered a text he came across while reading an airline journal, it had said that it will enable you to fall in love without fail. But he says that it’s like having a beer without alcohol and it’s not what it’s supposed to be.

Quinn had also said that we have to remind ourselves that there’s a huge difference between giving a reasonable degree of trust as we are optimistic about our relationship, to being caught blindsided by someone’s behavior. Also had said that when we are starting to know someone at first it could be tricky, that we could misunderstand their behaviors. And had said that the best to do is stop overthinking and find whether you feel comfortable in the relationship.

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Hayley had given a superb TED talk on love, sex, and dating, and had said that many green flags aren’t immediately obvious. She had said that it takes some time to understand someone new. Has advised to first look for consistency and to find someone who makes effort for you over a time period. And as the second thing, we have look consider our communication.  She had said that we have to see if we feel comfortable around the person. And also if things flow out well.

#8 She had received many comments for her videos.

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