The forests have a unique beauty of their own. While exploring the beauty of the forests have you observed the treetops and thought about how they avoid touching each other so beautifully? When looked above at the treetops it seems like that they are shy of getting touched by each other.

Actually, it’s not that they are shy but it’s a natural phenomenon in nature and can be seen in the forest canopies. Due to this phenomenon called crown shyness, such beautiful crack-like patterns are created. The way how the trees avoid their upper branches touching each other is incredible. In 1920 studies as to why this happens so was started. Scroll down to get to know more about this phenomenon.


Crown Shyness
Photo: Dag Peak

During the daytime with the sunlight sweeping down from those spaces, it looks amazing. This phenomenon can be seen in many tree species that are around the world. After studying this occurrence for some time scientists have come up with different possibilities as to why this has happened.

One such possibility they have come up with is that due to the wind that blows in areas where there are high winds the trees might have bumped with each other. So for the trees to grow without bumping into each other the spacing between treetops might have happened naturally.


Crown Shyness
Photo: Patrice78500 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Crown Shyness
Photo: Samuel COUNIL

Also, another theory is that maybe it had happened so in order to let the plants that grown below to get enough light. And one other thing they say is that from the spacing between trees, the passing of any invasive insects through the canopy can be avoided.

These theories might not have been scientifically proven but are very common theories that are believed. Anyways whatever the reason is this natural phenomenon is quite amazing and it gives a unique beauty to the forests. Below are some more photos of the phenomenon have a look at them, and make sure to comment and share with us what you think about crown shyness.


Crown Shyness
Photo: mynatureeexperiences


Crown Shyness
Photo: mynatureeexperiences


Crown Shyness
Photo: SL Chen / Shutterstock


Crown Shyness
Photo: Mikenorton (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

h/t: [ColossalKottke]

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