Art forms can take many faces and forms of expressing feelings and emotions. Therefore, different artists use different sorts of art form and material. This is yet another talented artist who has converted a material which is not so fragile into art which seems so soft and realistic.

Wood is not a material that can be undone. So, sculpturing it must be done with precision and accuracy. Peter Demetz; an Italian artist took it upon himself to create some of the most complex subject matters on wood.

Demetz uses leftover wood to give birth and life by his art. The natural material projects its cohesion with life itself with these multi-dimensional forms of art. It doesn’t require an artistic eye to see that even if the sculptures are mono-toned, the skill gives the anatomically correct figures its life.

His art attracts many critics as well as the general public as he tours with his exhibitions.

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The connection of the Artist with life and nature is the best message that Peter Demetz offers the world with his art. Using leftover wood to create a mono-toned piece of art without any artificial application, he still succeeds in producing life-like sculptures that project life out of them.
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