One thing that you all wish is to remain the same every day without growing old. But you know that it’s something you cannot change. It’s natural for every person to grow up and face new challenges in life every single day.

So as you grew up, have you ever noticed how much people change throughout all these years? Once upon a time, everyone might have been an adorable kid and now they are grown up with changed appearances. Photographer Neta Dror has also noticed how people change. And she has created this amazing project; “At 15 and 20”, where you can see how much girls change in just 5 years. Scroll down and have a look at how these girls have changed.

Neta Dror: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Ahinoam/ image credits: Neta Dror


Kayla/ image credits: Neta Dror

Neta had taken images of six lovely Israeli girls as adolescents and young ladies. At first, she had photographed these girls in 2011 and then later in 2014. And you can see how the girls have changed and become more mature.


Naomi/ image credits: Neta Dror


Ziv/ image credits: Neta Dror

Neta had written about how different the girls have become. She had said that the girls were more confident and that they were less willing to expose themselves.


Dana/ image credits: Neta Dror


Tair/ image credits: Neta Dror

It’s wonderful to see how the girls have grown up and become beautiful ladies. So what do you think about this? Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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