The modern world has been skyrocketing in rates of its inventions and of modification in human lives daily. Among these inventions, ‘Plastic’ is one of the most widely used substances in the world and mostly on packaging since it is very versatile and durable.

The durable attribute of plastic has now shifted itself from being very useful to being a very dangerous element on Earth, that affects almost all life forms in the world.

Image courtesy: Plastic soup foundation.

Recent modifications of plastic itself introduced the world degradable plastic. This seemed promising since it breaks down faster than the usual plastic. The downside of it, is that the degradable plastic breaks down very fast, but never breaks down to its natural elements. This type of plastic breaks into ‘Micro plastic Particles’ and gets into almost everything.

Acts of ignorance focused on commercial interests have torn down the ecosystems of the Planet in mass scale and this is yet another very dangerous step of it.

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Recently, Micro plastic particles were found in the Placentas of unborn babies. Growing up with micro plastic particles and their effects are not researched yet. It was found that they directly affect the immune system of the growing babies.

Plastics in Unborn babies

Image courtesy: Zffoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

One regular plastic bag is reported to be broken down into 1.75 million micro particles. They are usually around 0.01mm in size; they can enter human bodies in water, food and even through air. With their tiny mass, they can directly enter your bloodstream and be deposited internally. The Placenta is what provides an unborn baby its food, oxygen and basically a huge part in fetus development. Even though it is not researched where the micro plastic particles have reached in the unborn babies, but it is evident that babies are being pre-polluted as they are born. This is predicted to have a major effect on human birth in the future.

The vicious cycle of plastic should be handled, not hidden in micro particles. This is one of the huge threats that all life forms on the planet now face.

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