Pitbull is a breed of dog who falls in love and cares for his caretaker. This article is about the kindness of a pitbull in Mexico. His work will inspire generations to come. These photos have attracted the attention of many as thinking that the speciality in it is a cat taking over the home of a dog. But it has a very nice story. Although it went viral like that, the great action of the adorable dog was noticed by everybody. 

This pet is very close and obedient to his owner, Juan José P Flores. One day Flores started feeding a pregnant cat on the street. He continued to do that everyday. It is to make sure that the pregnant cat is not hungry. He never imagined that Hades would be friends with the cat. Hades is the name of his doggy. 

Juan José P. Flores
Juan José P. Flores

The dog never hesitated to donate his home for the pregnant cat.

Juan José P. Flores

One day, Flores heard a noise near the doghouse. Then he went to find out what that sound was. Upon arriving, he saw that the cat was sleeping inside Hades doghouse. And he realized that Hades had made that sound because he wanted to show it to Flores. 

Juan José P. Flores

This adorable dog proudly showed that he offered his home to the pregnant cat. And he made sure to not to leave the house to guard the cat in the doghouse. The best part is that the cat gave birth to two kittens inside the doghouse. His owner said Hades may have felt like the father of the kitten.  Flores has said that the kittens will find their homes when they grow up, but he will always have a home for them. 

Juan José P. Flores
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