Richard Sandler had wandered around New York streets from 1977 to 2001 and had captured iconic photographs of people on the streets. He had documented the change that happened in the generations in the city that had occurred throughout about 25 years using his Leica.

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CC Train, 1985

He had shown the brilliant photographs through his book The Eyes of the City and had put his favorite photo CC Train, 1985 as the cover of the book. In the photos, the people are lost in their own worlds. He had said to My Modern Met through email that he likes that photo the most because the people in the photo are either looking at him or through him or at the viewer, which is you. And had said that the people in the photo is a kind question mark requiring your interpretation. Also had said that though the graffiti and the clothes look like in the recent past it’s their gaze that he finds timeless and haunting. And that the best pictures are the ones that ask questions than giving answers.


W 32nd Street

And had said that as the recent past ripens it fades to the distance and until it does its meanings live in limbo and uncertainty. Had said that in their time the recent past was the time before technology and that they miss it because even though they were not connected with the worldwide grid at that time they were connected with each other.

The main reason why he has stopped taking street photos is the cell phones. He had said that he doesn’t want people on cell phones to be in his pictures as they are essentially virtual. Though they are on the streets their minds are somewhere else. And had said that he likes the intensity on the streets and that people on the streets are boring.

#3 She had spent about 30 years roaming around and taking photos of the people on the streets

Subway noir


Subway swoon


Mortality and Cherry Coke


Grand Central Terminal, 1990


Briefcases 57th Street


Democratic Convention 1984


Back to back subway


Bloomie’s gal


Woman and veil


6th and 57th Street


Macy’s window


Madison and 32nd


WTC moon

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