We can see perfectly captured photos due to the skill and the determination of the photographers. In the competition, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards the photographers submit wildlife photos captured by them, where the animals do something hilarious.  The Bored Panda had conducted an interview with the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Team.

In the interview Co-Founder of the CWPA Tom Sullam had answered the question of what is new this year in the competition. He had said, that they thought there would be fewer submissions as to the ongoing pandemic. But to their amazement, there had been a lot of entries. Due to the ‘In the Air’ Category they had received quite a lot of photographs of birds. He had said that it’s good that people have given importance to wildlife around them.

As he had said usually they get about 7,000-8,000 photographs, and they hope it would be the same this time. As wildlife is all around us they are passionate about protecting them and that’s the biggest thing done by this competition.

The bored panda has asked amongst a large number of submissions each year, which were the teams most liked. To that, they had said among the 2017 winning ones, the one with three owls resting on a branch is liked. In it out of the three owls, one was not resting but trying to hold on to the branch. As they had said it could relate to them too.

Here are some of the greatest submissions.

More info & Photo courtesy: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

#1 Kevin Biskaborn- ‘Quarantine Life’

Picture captured in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Mommy and the baby raccoons are trying to get a look at something at the same time. Had taken the picture after looking at a number of tree hollows.

#2 Giovanni Querzani- ‘Rofl”

A little lion laughing at the photographer’s skills at the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

#3 Arthur Trevino- ‘Bald Eagle Gets A Surprise.’

The eagle tried to catch the prairie dog but misses it, then the dogs jump up and scare the eagle, and the eagle flies to a burrow nearby.

#4 Lucy Beveridge- ‘Yay- It’s Friday’

In the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park a young springbonk ponking in the air. It said that that’s they show their fitness and strength to attract mates and also to ward off predators.

#5 Andrew Mayes- ‘Monday Morning Mood’

The picture was taken at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa while trying to capture a group of Pied Starlings perched in a tree.

#6 KT Wong- ‘Yoga Bittern’

Captured while the bird was trying to get a perfect hunting position.

#7 Tom Svensson- ‘Happy’

Happy penguins surfing on waves to land.

#8 Philipp Stahr- ‘Sweet-Lips Are For Kissing’

Captured at Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. Though box fishes are fine with divers coming near them, they show interest they turn away so it’s difficult to take them to frame.

#9 Txema Garcia Laseca- ‘Houston We’ve Had A Problem’

Astonished fish when he’s trapped.

#10 Rohin Bakshi- ‘Cranky Hippo’

Trying to get mommy hippo to look at him but was not getting it.

#11 Lea Scaddan- ‘Missed’

As the two western grey kangaroos fight, one misses a shot on the tummy.

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