To get amazing photographs one has to have good skills and luck is also something that you need.  When luck is in your favor things tend to work out very well, at times you might even get more than what you wanted. For someone who has good photography skills identifies the beauty and knows when to capture them on Camera.

When you explore the wild you might come across things that you get to see only once in your life. Bobcats are also one of the rare animals that people get to see in the wild. Maybe by chance or due to luck Mike Mayou had got a chance to witness 3 lovely Bobcats. While he was roaming around in the wild flying his drone he had come across the animals and had captured them on camera. Scroll to see the incredible images.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mike Mayou | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


image credits: Mike Mayou

Mike had seen then sitting on a log by St. Louis River in Minnesota. He had not been in search of anything in particular but luckily he had caught his eye on these 3 Bobcats. As he had shared with My Modern Met he had been there to capture sunset but as it had not ended well he had been just wandering by the river. Then he had seen the animals and had flown his drone near them. As he found that the animals were Bobcats he had captured them on camera. Have a look at the Bobcats captured through the drone and do leave a comment sharing what you think about them.


image credits: Mike Mayou


image credits: Mike Mayou


image credits: Mike Mayou


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