We all need that one best friend whole would never let us down. A best friend one can have is a dog as they never let you down. There may be times that we people get tired of these animals but as for them they never get tired of us. They provide you unconditional love and are always there for you.

Here’s such a story of a golden retriever and who loves the owner a lot. Buddy is a 13-year-old dog and loves Hannah Foraker, his owner a lot. They had been best friends and always spend time. But when Hannah had turned 21 years the things had changed and Buddy had been disheartened at that time. Scroll to know about Buddy and Hannah.


image credits: Newsmedia

When she had turned 21 Hannah was enlisted in the army and therefore she had to leave for training. Hannah had been to Oklahoma for basic training leaving Buddy and Derby her horse. When she had left Buddy had felt so sad. But when she had returned for Christmas after 3 months Both Buddy and Hannah had been so happy to see each other.


Hannah had been with Buddy since he was a pup. Even though he is a bit old now he still loves Hannah a lot. When she comes he runs to her and buries his head on her lap and starts to cry. The dog gets so happy when he sees Hannah that even tears roll off his eyes. Isn’t this bond between them is lovely. Comment below sharing what you think about it.

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