You all know that there are certain rules that you should follow if you are a professional athlete. And when it comes to uniforms you have many kinds of uniforms that are said to wear and even though you are not fine with it you should wear them just because it is a rule. The Women’s Handball Team of Norway had anyhow decided not to wear their said uniform. As they had found the dress not comfortable they had worn shorts than wearing bikini bottoms. And for that, they had to face a fine of $1,766 as they have broken the uniform rules.

#1 Norweigan Women’s handball team had worn shorts rather than wearing bikini bottoms 

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As per the rules of the International Handball Federation, their uniforms are in ways that would help them to increase their performances and for them to remain coherent with the image of the sport. And about the uniforms, it is said that the females should wear bikini bottoms. And the width of the sides should be a max of 10cm. For men should not be baggy and can be longer but should be 10cm above the knee.

#2 The rules of the federation says that ladies should wear bikini bottoms and men are allowed long shorts

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As they had about the dress they had spoken up about it. And they had spoken about it with the European Handball Federation to let them wear bikini bottoms. And they had not allowed them to wear shorts and had reminded them that they would be fined if the rules were broken.

#3 The women of the handball team had not felt comfortable with the dress

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Until their game with Spain, they had worn shorts in Varna, Bulgaria. And the Disciplinary Commission of the European Handball Association had said on Monday that the team had violated rules and had said that each member would be fined $176.

#4 Norway’s Federation had supported their team in the fight

Image credits: The Home of Handball

Kare Geir Lio, the president of the Norwegian Handball federation had said that they would pay any fine and that they are on the same boat. He had fully supported the country’s team. He had said that what is important is that the athletes get to play in clothes they are comfortable with.


Image credits:  The Home of Handball

The Federation had stated on Instagram that they are proud of their girls as they raised their voices. And that they would stand in support of the women. And that they would be with them throughout the fight so that they could get to wear clothes they are comfortable with and play.


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Many had taken the side of the women and politicians like Lane Westgaard-Halle had spoken about it. And many people were not agreeing with the fact that they should wear bikini bottoms. And had even said that it’s unfair.

#7 People on the internet had said that it’s unfair to force them

Tell us what you think about this. Is it fair to fine the Ladies? Leave a comment below in the comment section.

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