Children are the most amazing state of a human being. They are creative, spontaneous, active and they will do things that will blow away adult human minds. When is the last time you befriended a totally wild animal? Or at least went near it without startling it?

Well, this article is about a kid who did an amazing thing out of the blue that shocked his mom so much that she posted it online. 4 year old Dominic is the star of this story and it was so awesome that the story ended up on ABC news! Scroll down to check this cool story below!

See More & Photo Courtesy: WRIC | Stephanie Orranita


While being away for a holiday at Massanutten Resort in Virginia, Stephanie Orrantia found her son Dominic outside the door with a baby Deer! Even though it sounds like a scene straight out of a Disney movie, it is true! Both the children seemed to be very chilled and natural that it hyped Stephanie up!


This very strange bond of these two younglings made Dominic’s mother so happy. She managed to take pictures of the two friends that ended up on the news! She thinks that the baby Deer might have been drawn to her kid because of his colorful pyjama or because he might have offered it some food.


No matter what the real reason is, both the children seem to be pretty relaxed with each other. You can see that in the in the picture as well. When we checked this reason for this weird friendship, we found out that even if Deer are very timid in their natural state, the younglings are quite impressionable. So, if you befriend a fawn, it will grow up to be comfortable with that. That might be the reason for this awesome friendship or something else. But it is for sure an amazing sight to see, especially for a mother.


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