This is a newly reported case of yet another mutation in the coronavirus strain. There are millions of minks who are bred for their fur and it is being exported globally. Denmark supplies 40% of the global mink fur demand. 

More than 10 people were tested positive with this newly mutated strain. With the newest situation, the Danish government has ordered most of the mink farms to kill all the minks at their farms. 


Making matters worse, the first set of dead minks were buried in graves less than 3 feet, and this causes the biogases with the mutated strain to rise up from the ground now have a chance of contamination. The authorities now are seeing to it that the minks are being buried at least twice the depth the bodies are being buried now and that it doesn’t contaminate any water sources as well. Some mayors have suggested burning the carcasses of the dead minks rather than burying them, but it is still under discussion.

The WHO has addressed this situation and said that the coronavirus strain, like every other virus tends to mutate according to its environment and that it shows no sign of any contrast change of its behavior. 

Almost 250 mink farms have been affected with the virus and the authorities have closed regional borders and cancelled a lot of social events so that they can nip this new case in its bud. Restaurants, cafes and schools from 5th grade up are closed to help the healthcare workers to get a hold of the safety of the region. 

Airports and government services are now taking extra care to limit and stop the spread of the coronavirus and it is reported that Denmark has now reached around 800 deaths from coronavirus while around 74,000 people are infected. 
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