Lost Gardens of Heligan had been forgotten for about 75 years and was transformed in the 1990s. Now this garden which in Cornwall is one of the famous gardens in the UK. What’s more interesting about it are the two sculptures that were installed in the garden during the transformation in 1997. The sculptures ‘Mud Maid’ and ‘The Giant’s Head’ made by Sue Hill and Pete using clay and rocks helped the garden to regain its glory. 


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The Giant’s Head had taken about three weeks to get completed, had been made on a rootball of a tree that was fallen. To add the green to the skin of the giant they had used an invasive weed that is local and crocosmia a plant that has orange color flowers in July was taken for the head. By the summer the head of the giant would get red. And as the rootball was rotten after being for 15 years they had put a steel frame to it in 2012.

Initially, it had been planned to make a mermaid but when one of the members had called it Mud Maid they had removed the tail. It was made on a timer frame made using the wood that was left out. And afterward, it was made using straws, clay, and cement. For her body, Ivy was used and for her face, moss was used. They are very unique as they change their appearance with the seasons. And they have brought the forgotten garden back to life again.

#2 With the use of clay and plants the sculptures were beautifully made

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#4 The sculptures change their look seasonally

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Photo: Stock Photos from 4kclips/Shutterstock


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h/t: [Atlas Obscura]

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