Siera Bearchell is not just a loved influencer, an entrepreneur, and top 9 in Miss Universe but is also a loving mom. Seira shares on TikTok the time she spends with her loving child Lilly and has 187.1k followers. One of her videos that he posted recently had gone viral with about 2.3M likes. In the video, she had explained the way people treat her daughter thinking that she’s a boy. As per what she had said people’s way of treating depends on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. And had said that when she realized it, it blew mind.

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#1 Viral gone video of Siera, she’s amused by the way people treat Lilly thinking that she is a boy

@sierabearchellHave you ever noticed this?! ?#morethanpretty

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Image credits: sierabearchell


Image credits: sierabearchell

#4 When they think she’s a girl they say about her look and if a boy praise the strength she has

An important time in a person’s life is childhood. That’s where they learn a lot of things like health, emotions, and influencing things that affect their education. The way you think builds up in this stage and even they learn about the attitudes related to genders. And mainly they learn all the things from the people they are with, mom and dad, teachers or caretakers. Through them, children learn how they should behave. So we have to give them the correct thing and help them think without discriminating among genders.

#5 Comments Siera had received from people on the internet

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