This news unfolds with Mr.Alex Wadelton going out for dinner with his two children; son and daughter when his daughter suddenly fell onto the floor and started to go into a seizure. Not knowing what it was at that moment, Mr.Wadelton called an ambulance in which she had two more seizures. 

Unable to identify the sickness of Mr.Wadelton’s daughter; Lila was released from the hospital after she became stable. But the seizures didn’t stop. Lila developed absence seizures with time and finally was diagnosed as an Epileptic patient which became a complete lifer changer to her and her family.

More info:

Young Lila being tested for her epilepsy 

Although Lila is an energetic and active kid, her family should take extra care not to send her off to places where it isn’t safe, IF she gets another seizure.

It is recorded that Australia has a number of over 250,000 Epileptic patients inside the country and even more affected if we count the family members as well. 

Australia, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, is trying to raise funds for epileptic research 

This is where the concept of a million-dollar teddy bear came into action. It is designed and dressed in exceptional ways. Australia’s national designer or 2019; Mr.Kimber designed the teddy bear’s clothes. If and when the teddy is sold off to one of the most generous beings in the world 

With the raising funds, the authorities can easily battle against the Epileptic condition which was devastated with corona hitting the world at once. 

Million-dollar Teddy bear is named Maximillion 

Lila colored her hair to show support for Epilepsy awareness 

The teddy is put up for sale and it has taken a lot of attention towards this disease 

Here are some pictures of Mr.Maximillion, who has been taking pictures with people who had relations with Epilepsy in their lives to learn more and spread the word!

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