It’s not necessary for one to be a puppy lover or a dog lover to know what color those animals are. The colors of dogs are commonly known to the whole world. Brown, black, and white are some common colors for dogs. But have you ever thought that they could be of green color?

If not here’s a lovely little puppy who was born with green fur. Well, it’s a surprise for all of us ‘cause we all know that it’s not a normal color of a dog. This little guy Pistachio was born on an Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci’s farm in Sardinia. Scroll down to know what the story is.


Image credits: Reuters


Image credits: Reuters

Just after his birth, the pup was given the name Pistachio due to the green color of his fur. Surprisingly it was only him who had green fur, all his brothers, and sisters had been white in color just like their mommy dog Spelacchia. 


Image credits: Reuters


Image credits: Reuters

The owner of the dogs plans to give the siblings to new homes and keep Pistachio with him and train him. This green color fur of the dog might have happened due to a pigment in the mom’s womb or maybe due to meconium, the first stool of a newborn. No matter what the reason is this little guy was born with green fur but unfortunately that’s not gonna last for long. The color of the fur fades away slowly.

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