On the first Monday in November, a few Pilot whales washed up on shore at the Panadura beach, Sri Lanka, around dusk. With time, more number of whales started to wash onshore along the South coast of Colombo.

The people along with the Sri Lankan Navy started to act promptly in taking the washed-up whales back to the Ocean. The MEPA of Sri Lanka stated that this is the biggest group of whales that landed on a Sri Lankan coast.

Chamila Karunarathne/EPA

Around 120 whales have washed ashore and a couple of them has died. The whales are around 6 meters in length fully grown and weighs around a tonne.

Dinuka Liyanawatte/Reuters

A similar condition is reported on Australian coasts as well and still, there is no specific reason found which causes this phenomenon. But some suggest that it might be a result of expanded military Sonar activity, but nothing has been confirmed yet.



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