It’s not an out-of-world thing to understand if a person wants to talk with you or not. And if someone’s not willing to talk with you, you should respect that person. Be it a young lady who’s at work if she isn’t willing to talk you should let her be. Mickey Ruiz, a 19-year-old TikTok user had shared a video on her TikTik @mickey.ruiz where she had felt uncomfortable with the behavior of one of her customers.

The man had been asking questions that are personal to her even when she was not showing any interest in talking to him. In the video captioned as “Why do men?” you can hear the questions, he asks from her and the video was viewed by over 8M people and it’s gone viral. Scroll down to have a look at the full video.

#1 Though she was ignoring him and doing her work he had kept on asking questions from her

image credits: boredpanda


@mickey.ruizReply to @rixy_21 repost with captions. #ChiliDogYumPlz #foryou #fyp #LiveFlowSweatDuet #TheSuicideSquadMovie♬ original sound – mickey serbia-ruiz

#3 He had asked questions that were personal to her

image credits: boredpanda

#4 She had not felt comfortable with it but was doing her job

image credits: boredpanda

#5 He had not left even after packing up still had been there asking her questions

image credits: boredpanda


image credits: boredpanda

#7 From another video, she had explained why women answer the questions asked by those creepy men

@mickey.ruizReply to @john.jimenez19 and women are the entitled and stuck up ones…

♬ original sound – mickey serbia-ruiz

#8 Here’s how people had reacted to the incident, many were concerned about the girl’s safety

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