These animals with short tails, triangular ears, and large fur are medium-sized cats. mostly prefer habitats with thick vegetation so that it could be easy for their hunting. They mainly take snowshoe hare for their food Like some other animals, they are also under threat due to climatic changes. And if you get to see one very closely you are kind of lucky.

More info & Photo courtesy: Allison Burton


Image Source: Facebook/Allison Burton

Recently one of them was spotted walking along a street in Canada by Allison Burton. At the first sight, she had thought that it was a dog but after looking more closely she had realized that it was a Lynx cat. She had said to The Dodo that she has never seen a lynx cat in real life and was excited and amazed to see it walking close by. And she had soon taken some pictures of this rare sight.


Image Source: Facebook/Allison Burton

The animals had also been going slowly and she had felt no threat from it. Even she had walked along the road and was able to get some clicks of the cat. Even the people who had passed by had been observing the cat.


Image Source: Facebook/Allison Burton

She had said that the feline was so majestic and happy to be in his own world and doing his work. She had said that even the people had loved seeing these animals. Also, she had written that she couldn’t believe that this beautiful kitty was passing by her house. It had been just having a walk around and showing his beauty.


Image Source: Facebook/Allison Burton
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