Birds are animals that we all love. This news is about a mockingbird. What do you do if you get to meet a bird with a foot injury? Will you take a cardboard and rebuild her feet? So you are a person with awesome ideas. 

This was done by a group of heart-warming people at the CWC. When they found the Mockingbird, she was in a difficulty to walk on. She had injuries on her feet. Such occurrences are familiar in young birds. As a solution, they realized that it was best to create tiny snowshoes. They also made sure her feet were in the right position after wearing these. Then her injuries will be cured. Previously, she had to stand by only her toes. Then there is the tendency for the injury to increase. Duane Tom has told The Dodo that just after a few weeks wearing the tiny snowshoes she will be completely healed.

More info: California Wildlife Center, (h/t: thedodo)

It is reported that this operation was successful. She will then be allowed to fly in the woods again.

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