While going through forests you tend to meet a lot of different animals and insects. Forests full of animals that live are adapted to live there. But there are animals who do not usually live in the forests. Animals like cats and dogs are ones that live with people and they do not belong in the wild forests.

Though they belong with humans at times they end up being in forests due to the behavior of we humans. This couple Céline and her husband Daniel had found such a lonely cat while they were cycling through a forest. No idea how it ended being there, maybe someone had left this adorable little kitten. Scroll to know the story of this lovely kitten.

More info & Photo courtesy: Madame TarteDaniel


image credits: Mymodernmet

During their journey through the countryside of central Brittany, France they had found this kitten who had been weak and hungry. Céline had said that while they were passing a road where there had been no houses around they had heard a noise from the side of the road. And then they had looked what the noise was thinking that it would be some kind of bird. But to their surprise, they had found this little kitten.


image credits: Mymodernmet

At first, the kitten had not come to them but when Céline had been gentle with her she had come to them. As there was no way for them to take her home in the cycles they had put her back and returned to get their car. Fortunately, she had been in the same place they left even after 3 hours as it had taken time for them to return. And when Céline had called her she had returned to them.


Mini Kitty
image credits: Mymodernmet

After taking home the little kitten had been given a beautiful name Mini Kitty. She had steeled there right after she was taken home. And after that, the lovely kitty had been living a good life with them. Playing around and getting so much love from them. Other than that she had two other friends at home, one dog and a cat with whom she plays well. Thanks to this lovely couple Mini Kitty lives a happy life. What do you think about this little kitten’s story? Leave a comment below sharing what you think.


Mini Kitty
image credits: Mymodernmet

h/t: [LoveMeow]

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