Depression is a very nasty psychological condition that can drag anyone into the depths of their lives. This comes in different ways and shades to every different person. It is not easy to deal with and it also is very often misinterpreted as being lazy or moody by a lot of people. It is a personal grind of darkness that every person has to battle throughout everyday life.

Even though depression can be diagnosed and clinically treated, the person has to be strong to battle with it in their head. It is all in the psychology of the person to overcome depression no matter if you are assisted by medicine or not. So, to identify this very bad condition. We have collected some of the most common things that depression makes you feel, which aren’t true. Depression will make you feel very bad things to pull you further down and make things worse. So, scroll down to read more, and keep your head high, you will make it!

#1. Being Better Off Alone.

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Depression wants you to be alone so that no matter what, you will have no support, or joy, or any sort of positivity flowing into your life.

#2. Feeling Broken.

You might feel that you are broken beyond repair. That is completely a lie. No one is broken beyond repair. Anyone can be happy. You just have to let yourself access the process.

#3. Feeling As If You Are A Burden.

People who love you will never think of you as a burden. People who you love and those who love you back will always want to have you around.

#4. As If Nothing Really Matters.

It will make you feel as if nothing you do will make any change. This is depression trying to keep you from trying. If one way doesn’t work, there are infinite other ways, nothing is impossible.

#5. Feeling That You Are Never Good Enough.

All your efforts are going to add up in the end. Your life doesn’t conclude in a moment or two. It is all about the long game that matters. You will always be good to yourself and you owe it to yourself.

#6. Things Don’t Work Anymore.

Nothing happens in a day or two. Some things are short-term goals and other things are long-term. Mental health is a practice that you won’t get to succeed in a single try that will last forever, it is an everyday effort to maintain it.

#7. Feeling As If You Efforts Doesn’t Count.

We all try our best to make the best. And sometimes, we might not be good as someone else in certain things. That is totally fine because your best effort works for you.

#8. The World Doesn’t Need Me.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

This is one of the most narrow-minded things that depression can make you feel. Even if you cannot see it, the world needs you, a lot of people do. You are a part of the happiness of the people that loves you and especially yourself. Even if you don’t feel it now, in the long run, you will be thankful to yourself for being through all of this. You are irreplaceable and you mean a lot to this world.

Depression always turns you against yourself and makes you despise any and every source of hope or happiness in your life. Keep your headstrong and be aware that this is not yourself. With willpower, love, and support you can beat depression and carry on with YOUR life.

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