Douglas Croft is a photographer who captures A huge whale that breaks through the surface of the water near a fisherman’s boat. He is 60 years old and had been on a trip watching whales when the humpback had appeared. In 2019 he had clicked these amazing photos on 27th April in California’s famous Monterey Bay. He had said that the Salmon season is the same as the moment when these whales return to the bay for summer feeding. And he had said that there were many boats on the bay.


Image credits: Photographs by Douglas Croft/Caters News

After seeing this huge animal Douglas had been ready to capture it as they do several breaches usually. He had said that it would breach again as it had done before too. While many would go to the deck in the open air to see it Douglas had managed to click some photos of it next to the fisherman’s boat, where the huge whale is seen clearly.


Image credits: Photographs by Douglas Croft/Caters News

He had said that he shot the pictures through a porthole because that’s what gives a good view of the whale. He had also said that it breached exactly behind the fisherman’s boat. And he had written that at first, he was a bit upset about the fact that the boat was blocking his shot, but then he had understood that it was a rare capture. 


Kate Cummings, another whale watcher had taken good footage of the above-said breaching from a higher view. Kate had said that at times when they rise out they go in a certain direction. And had said that he thought that next, it would rise up closer to the fisherman as it was moving in that way.

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