When compared with humans in the world, animals can be considered as the most selfless beings on earth. Especially the dogs, they are the best friends a human can have and they never step back in helping others. If you have a pet dog you might know how loyal and helpful they are.

The fact that dogs are the most selfless animals has been proved numerous times. The following story is also about a sweet pit bull. The dog had become a loving mother to three little raccoons babies who have lost their mother. Even though she had been a bit confused at first, later the things had taken a lovely turn. Scroll down to know what the story is.



image credits: Instagram/ thehouseofoakley

The baby raccoons who had lost their mommy had taken refuge in the backyard of a house in Canada. That had been the turning point of their lives. The three raccoon babies namely Rain, Storm, and Hailey were taken in by the family. Then at first, they had hand-fed them but later had thought that their pit bull Ashlyn would be a good mom to them.


pit bull and raccoons
image credits: Instagram/ thehouseofoakley



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Hoping so they had introduced them to Ashlyn. At first, even she had not been so sure of how to be a good mom but later things have changed. Her motherly love had filled the hearts of the babies raccoons and they are now happy with her. Even Ashlyn’s human mom Katie has shared on Instagram that at first Ashlyn had not been sure but later they had got along. She had loved the babies thinking of them as her own puppies.


image credits: Instagram/ thehouseofoakley

They might be well adapted to Ashlyn now but still, they belong to the wild. Therefore they would be sent to the wild soon. Katie had said on a video shared by The Dodo on Facebook that they would teach the raccoons the skills they need to survive in the wild. Thanks to Katie and Ashlyn the babies are safe and happy.


The little fellows do have an Instagram account, check it out. So what do you think about these little raccoon babies? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us.

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