These owls who are native to the arctic region are also known as polar owls. The male owls are more white than the females as they age fast than the females. And these owls are the heaviest among the owl species in North America. These owls have a lot of feathers as they need insulation in the arctic regions so they are heavier due to the feathers.

They have a wingspan of about 4-5ft on average and when they fly they do not make noise. Though there’s thick vegetation and snow cover what helps them to find their prey is their sharp eyesight and excellent hearing. They are not like other owls they hunt in the daytime. As these owls are nomadic birds they do not stay in the same place or mate with the same partner for a long time. While the males go to find foo the females remain with the owlets.

More info & Photo courtesy: John Ball Zoo


Image Source: John Ball Zoo

And recently the John Ball zoo was introduced by two snowy owls. Out of the two one is from Traverse City, the male owl. He’s 8 years old and his mane is Zenon. And the other one is a female, Khione of 3 years. Khione had brown spots on her feathers and the male one is white in color.


Image Source: John Ball Zoo

Both of them had been brought from rehabilitation centers and they had suffered from injuries. And due to their injuries, they cannot live in the wild. The female own had an injury in her wing and so she cannot fly. And the male owl Zenon had an injury on his shoulder and he cannot travel long distances. The zoo thinks that soon they both would mate. Hope it happens so and we’ll be able to see snowy owlets.


Image Source: John Ball Zoo
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