Life is all but a continuous roll of trial and error. The entire modern world that you and I live in is also built on a heap of trial-and-error loops. But when it comes to trial-and-error or even basic human life, we make mistakes every single day. Human nature includes making mistakes, but some accidents are too much to let them slide by.

This article is about such mistakes that are very hard to turn a blind eye to. In our day to day lives, accidents aren’t such a big deal, you excuse, rectify and carry on. But what if these accidents are way out of hand to correct or replace? You will understand why these accidents are very hard to replace or just say ‘sorry’ to when you scroll down. The pictures that we have shared on this article are collected from an awesome subreddit where people share expensive accidents. Scroll down and check them out below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Reddit

#1. Bored Guard Strikes.

Photo courtesy: Professional_Cat_298

#2. Delivery Robot Stuck In Wet-Cement.

Photo courtesy: MrWhite86

#3. Pipe-Burst Under The Court.

Photo courtesy: superfleh

#4. Back To The Drawing Table Now.

Photo courtesy: WoozyDragon4018

#5. Mr. Musk, We Need More Cars.

Photo courtesy: KaianSoKew

Welcome to the subreddit ‘That Looked Expensive‘. This group shares variety of mistakes that one can refer to as disasters. As you can see, all of these were pretty expensive wrecks to be honest.

#6. You Reversed Into A What?

Photo courtesy: This_sum_one

#7. A Volcano Of Grape-Juice.

Photo courtesy: Rredite

#8. Ship Accident In Ecuador.

Photo courtesy: GoLeftThenLeftAgain

#9. City Planning At Its Best Flipped Upside Down.

Photo courtesy: Max_1995

#10. All My Dreams.

Photo courtesy: Dutten06

If your car engine has smoke coming out of it, it is pretty bad, but if the smoke is coming from your burning car, that’s totally another level. How many of these accidents have you seen in real life?

#11. Fire Spread Across Multiple Yatchs.

Photo courtesy: The_Troll_Gull

#12. How Not To Tow.

Photo courtesy: omnipeasant

#13. When An Aprtment Catch Fire.

Photo courtesy: thegoldenladle

#14. Deep Car Wash.

Photo courtesy:  bjorn4r

#15. Scafolding Bounces Off A 80 Million Pound Renovation.

Photo courtesy: FumingOstrich35

We have no idea how these people covered up these damages and disasters, but how ever they did it, they won’t forget it for a long time.

#16. The Disaster Of Costa Concordia.

Photo courtesy: AnxiousIndicator

#17. Tree Hates Tesla.

Photo courtesy: coldsummers13

#18. This Bitcoin Mining Farm Was Flooded.

Photo courtesy: nejkiu1

#19. Is It The Red Wire?

Photo courtesy: ajessica

#20. Screw You House.

Photo courtesy:B-L-O-C-K-S

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#21. That Ferrari Is Fire.

Photo courtesy: jsabo

#22. Say What Plane?

Photo courtesy: Pvp-pissed-Off0997


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