Japan is simply a mind-blowing experience. From the busy streets of Tokyo to the calm and quite temples in Kyoto, the culture of Japan never fails to amaze the world. One of the coolest things of Japanese society is its style of forward-thinking, seen in its cutting-edge tech and its up-to-date advancements. It’s like stepping into the future while still securing ancient customs.

The blend of colors and magic in Japanese culture adds to its charm. From it’s the mesmerizing cherry blossom festivals to the electrifying pop culture scene, there’s always something exciting happening in Japan. The country’s love for anime, manga, and video games has not only captured the hearts of locals but has also gained a global following. It’s incredible how Japan manages to have both the present and the past; co-existing in harmony. Scroll down to check out few things that makes Japan unique.

#1. Anime Everywhere.

Photo Courtesy: Mister_Minister

#2. Convenient Bedside Lamps.

Photo Courtesy: bartholomew

#3. Public Staircases.

Photo Courtesy: svalvard

#4. One Of The Countries With Women Only Metro-Cabins.

Photo Courtesy: CommitteeOfTheHole

#5. Funky Manholes.

Photo Courtesy: Lepke2011

Moreover, Japan’s technological prowess is awe-inspiring. From bullet trains that zip across the country at lightning speed to robots serving customers in restaurants, innovation is everywhere. The attention to detail and precision in Japanese craftsmanship, whether it’s in creating sushi or building skyscrapers, is truly remarkable. It’s this excellence that highlights Japan and makes it a leader in the world.

#6. Temple Ceiling Art.

Photo Courtesy: Diginoise

#7. School-Bus.

Photo Courtesy: BaronVonBroccoli

#8. North Pointed In Public Places.

Photo Courtesy: griftertm

#9. Station In The Countryside.

Photo Courtesy: pere_peri_peru

#10. Public Thermo-meters.

Photo Courtesy: imlookingforellio

Despite its modernity, Japan takes pride in its rich cultural heritage. Ancient traditions like the art of bonsai, the graceful art of kimono wearing, and the solemn tea ceremonies continue to be cherished and passed down through generations. The coexistence of old and new is what makes Japan so unique and fascinating. It’s a place where you can witness the latest technological-marvel while immersing yourself in centuries-old traditions.

#11. Automated Vendor.

Photo Courtesy: Humvee13

#12. The Public Structures Are Just So Cute.

Photo Courtesy: CODfuku

#13. The Cherry Blossom Season.

Photo Courtesy: WizardsTools

#14. Food In The Maternity Ward.

Photo Courtesy: jenkinsinjapan

#15. Cake Cans.

Photo Courtesy: SinjiOnO

Japan is a country that celebrates innovation, creativity, and diversity, making it a favorite destination for travelers and a source of inspiration for people around the world. Comment what you think about these set of cool things about Japan in the comments section below.

#16. Rain-deer.

Photo Courtesy: laura6319

#17. Supporting Plants In Their Old-Age.

Photo Courtesy: qito_r3

#18. Ghibli Museum Tickets.

Photo Courtesy: Outpsyched

#19. Bamboo Groves.

Photo Courtesy: sicxe

#20. Don’t Do It.

Photo Courtesy: mellofello808
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