Photography is an incredible art of capturing memories and special moments that we come across in life. From the starting point of photography, ‘portraits’ have received the attention of photographers. Just like capturing any other style, capturing a portrait is a fascinating choice.

The coolest fact is that portraits are able to capture emotional features along with the features that are physically seen. Today we bring some amazing winning portraits of the Indian Photo Festival Portrait Prise-2021 that are thought-provoking. Scroll down and have a look at the amazing portraits.

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#1 First Prize

IPF Portrait Prize
“Catrin” By Sujata Setia-“”I’ve never been photographed like this before… with all of my scars, I mean.” Catrin said to me.
It left us both thinking of what is the limit on scars? How much can we see? Are we all becoming a part of the world where scars need to look “pretty” too? Just enough, so we can use them to remind ourselves that our lives are better? But not too much… so we can bear looking at them?
Catrin was returning from a ski trip in the French Alps when the coach’s brakes failed and the crash happened.
96% of her body suffered third-degree burns leaving her with a 1 in a 1000 chance for survival. Following three months in a coma, 200 surgical procedures and 4 years of rehab, Catrin defied destiny.
To the prying eyes that meet her every time she steps out of the house, she looks back at them with tenderness and empathy.
“If my scars make you feel better about yours then I am happy for you. I understand you. And that’s what I expect from you as well. Empathy, not sympathy. My scars make me special… unique… differently beautiful. They are life’s brush strokes… and I am in love with this painting.”
Scar… not Scary!”/image credits: indianphotofest

#2 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“A Portrait Of A Man Carrying A Child” By Arun Sharma/Pti-“A portrait of man carrying a child as people who were stranded in crisis-hit Afghanistan arrive by a special repatriation flight of IAF at the Hendon Air Force Station, Ghaziabad. UP. Aug. 22, 2021.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#3 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“The Soul Behind The Mirror” By Akash Ghosh/image credits: indianphotofest

#4 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“Family Crossing” By Shibasish Saha-“An image of a family crossing the land which was flooded due to heavy monsoon in the rural areas of West Bengal.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#5 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“Mother And Child” By Sandip Dey-“Mother and Child portrayed through a window in Sinquerim, Goa. The photograph depicts an everyday moment of love and innocence in the lives of the subjects.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#6 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“We In Unison” By Aditya Sharma-“This photo is of parade rehearsals 2021, the time just after the first wave of Covid. ‘We’ is the first word of our constitution. To me, this photo represents our solidarity.”/image credits: indianphotofest

By the IPF portrait prize, many photographers from the Indian subcontinent are being encouraged to showcase their talents and portraits. This festival appreciates portrait photographers for their amazing skills.

#7 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“Nothing In Disguise” By Somnath Mullick-“A happy-go-hawker with his selling stuff overhead posed for my click. Staying happy is an art, obviously, and earning a livelihood is better to blame.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#8 Honorable Mention

IPF Portrait Prize
“Shakti” By Raggeshre Das/image credits: indianphotofest

#9 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
Akshay Nagpal-“Bhavan Kumar, a driver of one of the cranes in the Bandhwari plant, Gurgaon. Living inside the plant they somehow survive on rainy days when the dirty water from the garbage drains into their homes.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#10 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
Unnati Sharma-“We are living in the world where we are all being judged by skin color complexion but at the same time, people look at skin problem as a scar or judge them by their Karma but nature never judges.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#11 Honorable Mention

IPF Portrait Prize
“The God’s Word” By Disha Gupta-“The subject dressed in Amish just depicts how they covered themselves from everything touched by modernity, they live in simple living, plain dress, Christian pacifism, and slowness.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#12 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“Song” By Devaraj Devan/image credits: indianphotofest

The artistic director of the festival had shared that every year they are totally astonished by the photographs. And had said that they are happy to see many portraits have moved away from the conventional method of capturing people.

#13 Finalist

IPF Portrait Prize
“Devotees Busy Celebrating Chhath Puja” By Mili Paul-“Devotees busy celebrating Chhath Puja in so-called sacred Yamuna, which is rather full of froth and toxic industrial waste, Delhi.”/image credits: indianphotofest

#14 Third Prize

IFP Portrait Prize
“Layers Of The Mind” By Ritagnik Bhattacharya/image credits: indianphotofest

#15 Finalist

IFP Portrait Prize
“Focused Conversation” By Veeresh Babu Rama/image credits: indianphotofest

#16 Second Prize

IFP Portrait Prize
“Watch Repairers” By Kushal Gangopadhyay/image credits: indianphotofest

#17 Finalist

IFP Portrait Prize
“Indian Traditional Sport” By Jayesh Sharma-“I am trying to show all aspects of Indian traditional sport through my journalism, this picture is of one such traditional wrestler who is preparing himself before the battle.”/image credits: indianphotofest

Comment below and share what you think about these fascinating portraits with us.

#18 Finalist

IFP Portrait Prize
“Portrait Of Groupthink” By Sankar Sridhar/image credits: indianphotofest

#19 Finalist

IFP Portrait Prize
“The Spotlight” By Subhran Karmakar/image credits: indianphotofest
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