When it comes to Disney characters you might love the animals as much as you love the heroines and villains. Their appearances are just way too adorable, big pretty eyes, adorable smiles. They are just so lovely to watch. Just imagine how it would be if your pet looks like a Disney animal. 22-year-old Isa Bredt, an illustrator gives real animals like dogs, cats, pigs, and foxes a Disney cartoon look.

The name she has given to her project is Pet Disneyfication. And the look of her drawings is similar to the style which was in films like Lady and tram and 101 Dalmatians. Isa had started to share on a subreddit where you can give free art to people and with time and more drawing she had become better at this. And now she takes commissions from people around.

More info & Photo courtesy: Pet Disneyfications | Patreon


Art of @juniperfoxx

Your favorite Instagram animals like Maxine the corgi, one-eared cat Vinny van Gogh and also Juniper fox were also given the Disney look. She even draws pets who are in need of forever homes and who look for adoption as a way to give back. If you are interested in getting your pet illustrated go have a look on her Instagram to know more. For now, scroll down and see you might find your favorite Disney animals below.

Here are some illustrations that were done by Isa Bredt.


Art of Aoife from @triumphant_teagan


Art of @rocky_onwheels


Art of Willamena from @wolfgang2242


Art of @purrasicduck


Art of Stella and Mabel from @dognamedstella


Art of @vangogh.cat


Art of @theladyshortcake


Art of Cloud from @itsmesesame


Art of Little Zinnia from @bottlebabyfosters


Art of Emmett and Jez from @kittenxlady


Art of @meetmayacat


Art of Monk from @monkandbean


Art of @merlinragdoll


Art of Totopo by @sophiegamand


Art of @venustwofacecat


Art of Herbee and Audree from @mr.pokee

Comment below what you think about the illustrations and what your favorite illustration is.

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