First, take a deep breath! 

  1. Oceans are as scary as hell. 
Getty Images 

2. We have to admit that the ocean is scary and there’s something frightening out there. 

Tim Bow / Via 

3. Look, an open area of the sea. 

Paulfleet / Getty Images 

4. Huge waves coming towards! 

Nagol41 / Via 

5. Nothing else can be seen nearby. 

NHendrikB / Via 

6. Imagine, Out There alone in a boat. 

KapitanKurt / Via 

7. Only sea wawes and you will be out there. 

8. Secluded. 

Dkart / Getty Images 

9. Actually, it is unpredictable.

10. No rules are there for the tides. 

KevlarYarmulke / Via 

11. You’re suddenly trapped in the desires of nature. 

RyanSmith / Via 

12. This is awesome and gruesome. 

CaptAnonymous89 / Via 

13. Of course frightening. 

Voyata / Getty Images 

14. The terrible and terrifying ocean. 

15. Extremely underrated, don’t you think so? 

Aragami123345 / Getty Images 

16. To not leave ever again? 

Johnnorth / Getty Images 


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