In our lifetimes, we meet all sorts of people. Among those people is a very specific type of people that no one wants to deal with. You might have guessed by now, they are the ‘Toxic’ people.

But in a funny way, all of us have one or some toxic people that we have to deal daily. Also we meet these type of people who we cannot ignore. So, most of us do not know how to deal with these people to avoid any sort of trouble. Read these tips listed below about dealing with Toxic people and try them to make your lives much positive.

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This is a practice that is practiced by Zen masters to gain inner peace and stability. When you deal with a toxic person or are troubled by their influence. The first thing is not to be offensive or negative about the issue. You should concentrate to bring your busy mind. So it slows to a pace where focus with no external influence.

Then when you have your mind in a state where you can observe the world and people in a much Zen point of view, it is easy to see that the its the toxicity of that certain person that draws out the negativity in you to make your mind tire itself out.

Once you are able to realize that, it is very easy to be in the same room with a toxic person without getting influenced or triggered. But there is one more step.

Love and compassion always win and it is more influential than the negatives. When you are not bothered by a toxic person while treating them with love and compassion, it will surely consume all the negativity and draw positivity from that person. No one can keep treating another person bad who treats them really well.

That is the simple Zen method to deal with Toxic person.

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