For many people out in the world, the clothes they dress are not just clothes that they use to cover their bodies. It’s an extension of their personality, they can show what they are through the clothes they wear. But sometimes you have to agree with certain dress codes in life.

You have a uniform for school and at work, they ask you to dress formally. Just like that, even the service-providing companies have their own dress code. But it seems that some issues are going on in Hooter regarding the dress code of the employees. The female employees are not happy with their new uniforms and are complaining about it. Scroll down to know what the story is.


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hooters girls
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hooters girls
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Hooters is a big restaurant chain with about 420 restaurants around the world. Hooters is well known for their hooter girls who are dressed in shorts and a white top with the “Hootie the Owl” logo. 


hooters girls
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hooters girls
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hooters girls
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The shorts they wear are a bit revealing. Recently the restaurant has updated their dress and has made the shorts shorter. But the girls had not been happy with their new shorts. They had been criticizing the restaurant’s decision on TikTok and the videos had gone viral.


hooters girls
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hooters girls
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Some girls have even referred their new shorts to underwear. But thanks fully the restaurant had heard their employees and had stated that the new uniform is optional. The girls can choose between their new and old uniforms and wear what they are comfortable with.


hooters girls
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This is not the first time the Hooters is being criticized for their uniforms, it has always been a controversial part of the restaurant. Even earlier there had been a case that was sorted out of court.

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