Even though the modern world is so ‘normal’ to us, it has gone through immense changes and stages. These changes have molded and evolved society for the better or the worse. One of the most discussed issues even in the modern world is women’s rights and liberation. Back in the day, the simple act of taking part in a marathon would cause a social outcry.

If you think these were issues that were imposed on women way back in history, they are not. Most of the stories that we bring to you in this article took place in the 20th century. The world is not a place where liberty and rights should be allocated according to gender. All types of people are human and none should be oppressed. Let’s scroll down to check out these amazing stories below.

#1. Jean Shrimpton Wearing A Sundress in 1965 in Melbourne.

Photo Courtesy: Darlys Michaelis

#2. Schoolgirls Heading Back Home Since Their Clothes Are Banned From School, West Berlin, 1953.

Photo Courtesy: notbob1959/reddit

#3. The First Female Tattoo Artist, Maud Wagner, 1907.

Photo Courtesy: unknown author/imgur

#4. Protests To Make Voting Available For Women In London, 1906.

Photo Courtesy:wikipedia

#5. Wearing Miniskirts In Capetown In 1965.

Photo Courtesy: pikabu

How many of these events did you know of?

#6. 1967, Kathrine Switzer Ran The Boston Marathon, But It Wasn’t Open For Women.

Photo Courtesy: barleycorns/reddit

#7. Yves Saint Laurent Introduced The Tuxedo To Women And It Was Considered Provocative. 1966.

Photo Courtesy: pinterest

#8. Elizabeth Eckford, One Of The Few Students To Study After Segregation Was Cancelled In 1957.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#9. Billie Jean King Stood Up For Equal Rights In Tennis.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#10. Woman Arrested For Not Covering Her Legs In Chicago, 1922.

Photo Courtesy: flickr.com

#11. First Woman To Race In Formula One, Maria Teresa de Filippis.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#12. Actress Lila Lee WearING A Traditional Swim-Suit, the 1920s.

Photo Courtesy: unknown author/imgur

#13. Annette Kellermann Was Arrested For Indecent Behavior In This Swim-Suit, 1907.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#14. Rosa Parks Was Arrested Because She Did Not Go To The Back Of The Bus In 1956.

Photo Courtesy: unknown author/imgur

How do you react to these issues back in the day? Let us know in the comments section below.

#15. Mary Quant, Designer Of The Miniskirt.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#16. Thanks To Hedy Lamarr, Cellular Communication Is Possible.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#17. Senda Berenson Invented Women’s Basketball In 1891.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#18. Paul Poiret Designed Clothes For Women Without Corsets.

Photo Courtesy: wikipedia

#19. Women In California Protesting Padded Hips In 1947.

Photo Courtesy: DaHitcha/reddit
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