This is one of the best news for this day and age when the surge of patients surge, awaiting for an organ donor. In some seriously groundbreaking news, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) just pulled off something unbelievable! They successfully transplanted a genetically-edited pig kidney into a 62-year-old person; Mr. Slayman who was dealing with end-stage kidney disease.

The surgery, led by top-notch surgeons from the Mass General Transplant Center, took action on March 16th, and it’s a day to remember in the medical world. Dr. Leonardo V. Riella, Dr. Tatsuo Kawai, and Dr. Nahel Elias were the brains behind the operation. Scroll down to read more about this historical surgery.

More Info and Photo Courtesy: MGH | CNN


Photo Courtesy: NPR

This pig kidney with 69 genetic edits was transplanted to Mr. Slayman. They used CRISPR-Cas9 tech to tweak those pig genes, making them more human-compatible and eleminate chances of infections. It’s like science fiction come to life! Now, why is this such a game-changer? Well, imagine this: over 100,000 folks in the U.S. are waiting for organ transplants, and around 17 people loses the lives every single day while waiting. This surgery delivers hope to thousands of patients in need, especially those waiting for kidneys.


Photo Courtesy: CNN

For Mr. Slayman, he’d been part of MGH’s transplant program for over a decade, and after a kidney transplant from a human donor started to fail, he found himself back on dialysis in 2023. MGH is bringing back new hope with their groundbreaking work in organ transplantation is giving folks like Mr. Slayman a shot at a better quality of life. A step forward for humanity!


Photo Courtesy: MGH

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