When we consider the predators who are at the top of the hierarchy in the animal kingdom, the big cats rule the arena. They are big, powerful, and ruthless in their actions. Even when powerful animals such as elephants or even big herds run away at the sight of such predators, here is a different kind of story.

Armand Gerber is a very special person who likes to spend his time with his beloved furry friends who he calls family. And these are not the regular furry friends you find at your homes. These are massive-sized lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards. Anyone will be cautious around such predators, but not Armand. Working at the South African Wildlife Park called the “Iron Throne Predator”, he works with these animals every single day. Scroll down to check this amazing bond below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Armand Gerber


Armand And His Cats

He and his beloved wife Beatrice spend their days in this 200-acre sanctuary that they call home. They take care of big cats who are raised captive. Even if everyone else sees these animals as killing machines of nature, this couple does not see anything beyond a poor set of ‘rescue animals’.


Armand And His Cats

A lot of people are concerned about Armand’s safety. As much as he understands the capabilities of these animals, he knows that they will respond to him with love since he does the same. He explains that big or small it doesn’t matter, all of these animals are still cats.


Armand And His Cats

This amazing friendship has caught the eye of a lot of people all around the world and they still remain as friends and family up to date.

Check out the video below!


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