#1. Do not call someone for more than two consecutive times. They are either busy or they do not want to answer their phone at the moment.

#2. Return borrowed money or things even of that person does not ask for it.

#3. Try not to question people about their statuses and how well they are pursuing social norms. (Marriage, Kids, Preferences etc)

#4. Always go for a cheap option when someone else is paying for your food.

#5. Social gestures such as holding a door open or giving directions should be done without being selective of status, age or any of the social groups.

#6. If someone pays in whole for anything you shared with them, try paying for it the next time.

#7. Do not interrupt people when they are talking. Listen to them and talk when it is your turn.

#8. Use words like; ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Sorry’ as much as possible.

#9. Give a person your full attention if they are talking to you.

#10. Compliment and praise anyone you can publicly. Criticize or advice them privately.

#11. Do not let professions or other forms of rank decide how you should treat a person, every one is human.

#12. Always thanks and acknowledge when a message is received.

#13. Remove sunglasses if you are talking to someone.

#14. If you are handed a phone, do not swipe or do anything than what you are offered with.

#15. Respect every opinion, even if you do not agree with it.

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