Finding love and a partner in life is one of the most significant tasks in our lives. This choice will have life long effect on both of your lives and on your family. So, it is vital to search for a person who is compatible to share a lifetime with.

There are a lot of people out there in the world, looking for love, but not everyone fits with each other. People are so diverse and have their own types, so to know and to settle down with someone who is more compatible with you is your task. In most other tasks in life, you can ensure your success by avoiding failure and negative things. You can apply the same theory to this and keep an eye on the things that you should avoid. This makes it easier for your to filter your choices in life. We have collected a set of things you will see in a relationship that will not work. So, scroll down to see what things you should not settle down with.

#1. If You Are Not Team Players.

Even though the partners in the relationship are two individuals, they should be the same team. If you behave as if you are two separate people in your own ways, it will not tend to hold on together for a long time.

#2. There Is No Spark.

You should feel that bling when you are with each other. Even if you are past the honeymoon phase, you should feel alive when you are with your partner in your relationship.

#3. Fights Breaking Out Constantly.

If you are not compatible, there will always be fights going on. It might be serious or even the simplest thing. But if you two are not sharing a mutual ground, you will always tend to fight.

#4. Less Or No Communication Among Each Other.

This is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. No one can go forward in life, even to do the simplest things without proper communication. A couple makes the other person clear and understands any given situation.

#5. Many Misunderstandings.

Being a relationship, people should know about their partners. They should have a clear understanding of who they are and what sort of people they are. With that being said, they should automatically feel what the other person is doing even if there is no explanation.

#6. One-Sidedness.

Two people should share their lives together, to should not be one person leading while the other person is forced to follow. This will cause a disaster in the future and the person who is following the other person is more likely to be abused in the relationship.

#7. Not Sharing Common Values.

If you cannot see eye to eye concerning certain matters, you will be divided at some points in life. So, these things will cause arguments and fights in life which will only cause damage to the relationship.

#8. Taking Revenge.

If there are misunderstandings and fights in a relationship, a couple will always find a way to sort it out and be in peace with each other.

#9. You Fail To Be Happy.

Failing to be happy with each other even when you are together is a sign that you do not belong together. You should be able to be happy together in the first place, prior to starting a relationship.

#10. Not Having Compatible Goals.

Goals and plans in life can vary between two people. But when you live together, you should be able to operate as a couple, if your goals and future plans don’t let you do so it will not work out as you expect to.

#11. You Will Always Feel As If Something Is Off.

If you two are not compatible as a couple. Then no matter how much you try to make it work, you will always feel that something is not right. This is a sign that you will not be able to survive as a couple together.

#12. Being Judged All The Time.

If you are in love, you will never judge your partner, you will work together to be happy and successful together. So, if you are constantly being judged for who you are, then it is a bad sign.

These are a set of common things that might help you to identify red flags in a relationship. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below.

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