One of society’s most common secrets is depression. People go through very hard times, feeling helpless, abandoned, used, worthless, and the worst thing to feel is that when people think that there is no way out of these dreaded thoughts. The modern world has turned into a very busy and unempathetic place where people have less time to care about their feelings, let alone others’.

We connect with the people we love through modern technology, but a huge amount of us are found to be depressed. You might not be clinically depressed, but those dark feelings eating you inside out only grow with time. Most of us tend to keep these feelings to ourselves to get along with our day, not to mention the fear of being rejected as well. But depression as well as hiding it are very dangerous traits. The world has a lot of people who struggle through every single day, to do simple tasks and regrettably taking their own lives due to this matter. So let’s look at some signs which show that someone might be depressed.

#1. They Keep In Touch With Their Expressive And Aesthetic Talents.

All the pent-up feelings need to be expelled. But when a person keeps all of their darkness to themselves, they resort to aesthetic or any expressive form. These help them to seek comfort or express themselves without actually talking to people. A lot of depressed artists and celebrities were extremely expressive and gave themselves completely into aesthetics.

#2. They Create Alternate Stories.

They create stories to hide their pain and suffering. With time, they get used to avoid such conversations. They create them to ‘fit in’ and go unnoticed.

#3. Disordered Eating Habits.

Most of the people who are clouded with depression mostly lose track of time or do not show any interest in daily activities such as eating. But some, in contrast to that consume a lot of food or try to replace happiness using food. Losing appetite or sudden weight gains are signs of not caring about themselves.

#4. Troubled Sleep.

Most Of the time, the minds of depressed people are exhausted from grappling with every dark thought they have over and over again. So, they tend to fall asleep a lot and oversleep. It can also develop into a state of insomnia that one cannot get any sleep even though they are deprived of it. Any extreme is basically bad.

#5. Pondering About Life/Death.

Even though every depressed person is not in a suicidal position, they are exhausted with the problems that weigh them every day. So the question, life’s existence and the meaning of death, mostly in search of a justification for themselves.

#6. They Will Seek Resort In Substances To Feel Better.

Some depressed people turn towards drugs and alcohol to calm them down and some get addicted to them. If not, they will know what to use, such as caffeine, chocolate, sugar, and so on. Even if it eases physically it will only dig their hole deeper.

#7. Losing Interest In Daily/Social Activities.

They just get along with the agenda of what they ‘have’ to do in the context of a day. Socializing, treating themselves, feeding their creativity, and developing themselves will no longer be their preferred options in their day.

#8. They Will ‘Hint’ You For Help.

The main reason these people keep these thoughts for themselves is that they have been through a series of very bad experiences. What’s more, is that they have got let down, rejected, and humiliated to a point that they will not take a chance in talking to another person. But if you are a close friend they trust, they will hint you by leading you into topics that relate to issues that they experience.

#9. They Are More Likely To Be Reckless At Times.

Over some time, depression can drain one’s emotions and make them numb. So, they will go more to the extremes of fun such as excessive drinking, smoking, drug use, high-risk activities, and so on. They might even use extreme methods of expressing themselves through exhausting themselves, seeking refuge in extreme ends in aesthetics.

#10. Being Addicted To Virtual Worlds.

They get addicted to socializing online and things like gaming. Because they can socialize and have fun in a persona that they create online. They usually resort to these characters since those profiles are their preference over their real selves.

#11. Negligence Of Their Appearance And Themselves.

When people tread deeper in this path, their selves diminish their values furthermore. So, maintaining oneself has no more meaning to them and also in treating themselves. They might treat others to the best of their ability, but nothing for themselves.

#12. They Tend To Treat Other People Better Than Themselves.

Even if a part of depressed people let go of all humanity. Most depressed people are very kind because they experience how negativity can affect a person by themselves. So, they become the most helpful, cheery, and fun people to others. This is to make sure the others are away from depression and because depressed people treasure happiness a lot.

If you are a person who has issues deep within you. There are people who will be there for you and you WILL find a way out. Hope will always be there. And if you see anyone displaying the aforementioned habits, you might want to take a closer look at that person, you can be the person who saves their life!

“Depression doesn’t have a face or a mood.” – Talinda Bennington

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