As you know in the world there are African and Asian elephants. With the growing world just like the rest of the animals in the world, they are also getting affected.  You might have heard in some countries the number of these animals is getting decreased.

In China, Asian elephants are endangered with about 300 of them left in the wild. Therefore this particular herd in China has got a lot of attention. This herd had been moving from their habitat and had been on a long walk for about 310 miles. Scroll to know about this herd of elephants.


Drone footage: CNN


Drone footage: CNN

This herd of about 15 elephants along with 3 little ones had been on a long journey and during that journey one of the three little ones had been born. In the group, there’s only one male elephant. Though the exact reason for their move is not known it’s sure that the journey must have been tiring. Scientists are also worried about this move of the animals.


Drone footage: CNN


Drone footage: CNN

During this long journey, they had been given full protection by the police using 14 drones and 500 officers. Also, they had made sure to compensate for the damages the elephants have caused during the journey. About them going away from their habitat, maybe it’s due to the changes in the environment. However, it seems that they have not stopped their journey. Make sure to have a look at the below videos too. Do leave a comment sharing what you think.


Image Credit: CNN



H/T: kingdomstv

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