Many cultures and religions all over the world reference of Hells and Heavens. In contrast, the Buddhist philosophy, the concept of these two elements are very different.

The theory of Karma and the rebirth are major elements in the Buddhist philosophy and culture. Observing from a Buddhist perspective it makes sense. Other references for the Hell is an eternal damnation. It is a place hotter than anywhere else with punishments which will make you suffer for your sins for eternity. Contrastingly, it is not the case in Buddhism, the Buddha explained that all of these dimensions are here, present on this very world where we live.

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Buddhists believe in Karma and reincarnation. Therefore, the creation of ‘Hell’ happens when a person with sin reincarnates, he will place himself in this world to experience the sin and the merit that person carries. The Buddha explained that there are 11 types of suffering, namely; worry, hatred, death, lust, sickness, lamentation, decay,  pain, grief, melancholy and illusion. These cause a person to suffer in both physical and mental forms. How the reincarnation cause these suffering to bother us, is the way to each person’s ‘Hell’.


You can recognize ‘Hell’ by how one’s life is dealing with the 11 types of suffering. Collecting merit in our lives can help us to reincarnate in places and circumstances that will reward us for the merit we have done. Worldly rewards, good health, good mental strength, inborn skill and every positive characteristic and gifts that people get by birth or chance can make anyone’s life a living heaven.


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