This enormous bird’s appearance is actually jaw-dropping, a face that is very expressive, a feather collar, tones in black and grey color. And if that’s not enough obviously its height and wingspan would drop your jaws. They are considered the largest bird in the rainforests with their height of about 3-5 inches and a 7.4 feet wingspan also they are very powerful.

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Photo: Clément Jacquard [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
They have become a talk on the internet, especially on Reddit, due to their looks which are very unique. Their females weigh about 13-20 pounds where the males are about 9-13 pounds.


Other than its appearance its claws are also amazing, the claws are about 5 inches in length, and no other eagle has such long claws. They are very strong that they even could crush bones from their claws Or food they are fond of monkeys and sloths. Though they are capable of flying 50 miles per hour they usually don’t waste their energy. As their energy is preserved it’s no big deal for them to even catch prey that would weigh about 17 pounds. Normally they just sit and wait until prey passes by to get it.


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They live in very big nests made of sticks, which are about 1.2 meters deep and 1.5 meters wide. Due to deforestation and habitat loss, they are becoming rare in Latin America. As they have only one mate at a time, they raise only one baby eagle every two years and so it might be difficult to recover their population. And if such predators are lost it would be a bad effect on the ecosystem too.

#4. World’s largest eagle with huge claws.

Harpy Eagle Claw

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#5. As for deforestation, their habitats are lost.

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#7. Now they can be seen in zoos and nature reserves in America.

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