In order to raise awareness about cancer No-Shave November, a commitment which is long for about a month is conducted. It is being held in the month of November and many people, millions of them take part in it. For men, it means that they have to let their facial hair grow.

A group of male friends has started to get dressed in various costumes and take a group photo every year un this particular time. They have been doing this as a tradition since 2013. In the start, they had dressed as lumberjacks and the last dressing was as Viking Warriors.

More info: Lumineer Media | Instagram

Pictured: Michael LubinStephen SantosJosh AntiohoTyler Petersen, and Brock Macpherson

These guys are friends for a long time and they love doing online content and they work together on the project each year. Michael Lubin a member of the group has said to My Modern Met that,  three out of them are roommates and the other two are local friends so it’s easy to work together. Also, he had said that when they get together and discuss ideas they take the ones that make them laugh the most. And that they try their best to do better than the previous year. They take photos of individuals and make the group picture by photoshopping them.

At first, they had not shared the picture on social media, but it was changed in 2017. As per what Lubin had said it was Stephan’s girlfriend who has suggested them to share it on Reddit. As none of them had shared on Reddit before they were not sure of it, but they had received 62.7K upvotes in 2017 and 109K upvotes in 2020.

They had started to take the group photo in 2013.

Pictured: Michael LubinStephen SantosJosh AntiohoTyler Petersen, and Brock Macpherson
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