For some, sailing the sea is an outdated thing with the commercialized usage of flying in airplanes. Well, to be fair, traveling and exploration did boost with the usage of airplanes. But the sea is for the ones who enjoys a methodical journey splashing on the tides and waves. Well, this article is about such an expert sailor who set up a record, making sailing so cool.

Embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, this New-Yorker slash sailor Cole Brauer set out to achieve something truly extraordinary: becoming the first American-woman to sail the oceans ‘solo’, circumnavigating the world. Starting her awesome journey from A Coruña, Spain, in 2023 on her entrusted vessel; ‘First-Light’, Cole took on an adventure of a lifetime as part of the Global-Solo-Challenge.

More Info & Photo Courtesy: Cole BrauerFacebook



Over the course of 130 exhilarating days at sea, Cole faced everything the mighty ocean could throw at her. From wild storms to unpredictable winds, she tackled each obstacle with focus and determination. The best thing is that she shared her incredible journey with followers on Instagram every step of the way. Through her posts, she not only showcased the beauty of life on the open sea but also shared valuable insights into the world of sailing, from ‘reefing’ the sails to navigating tricky waters. Every day, people tuned into her social media accounts to get updates on her journey. They receive what Cole was feeling about the trip or a sailing lesson, either way, every log was fresh and interesting.



She faced countless challenges, sometimes it was equipment failure and the other-time it was extreme weather, Cole never lost sight of her goal. As the youngest competitor in this Challenge, she proved time her determination and skill was at the top of the game. With each passing day, her story inspired countless others to chase their own dreams.



Finally, after navigating across the globe from Spain towards South Africa and then Australia, Cole’s epic voyage came full circle as she crossed the finish line back in A Coruña. Her triumphant return marked not only a historic achievement but also a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. Through her incredible journey, Cole Brauer not only won a challenge, she inspired adventurers and sailors to embrace the thrill of the open sea.

This is a real inspiration story by Cole especially what she did, with the power of social media to spread her message and her journey with the world. What are your adventures that you have taken? What endeavors are you yet to face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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